Re: 50 years of LRRSA

Roderick Smith

I have placed four more Cheetham Geelong photos into my album.
Photo 4: Keith Kings.
Photo 5: The teenager in the middle could well be Richard Dempster.
Photo 6: John Withers.
Photo 10: just admire the train.

I had seen Les on many trips (mainly ARHS), but the only time we spoke was when he came up at the end of the agm (egm?) when we set up the constitution committee, and congratulated me for steering through nastiness to come up with an optimistic and practical solution.

Jack McLean had an interesting story about Les, dating from WWII. Because of his leg impairment, Les was working as a lift operator in VR's head office. One day, federal police came in and whisked him off. Les's railway collection included maps which were seen to be of importance for Australia's war effort, and they wanted to get access to the information. I can't recall the country, but it could well have been Ireland.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Frank Stamford <frank.stamford@...> wrote:
...this was to be Les's last rail enthusiast trip before he
died on 21 March...

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