Latest LRRSA mini-tour - the Dutton Bay Tramway

John Dennis <jdennis@...>

Sometimes we all get a bit too serious...

The LRRSA ran a highly successful mini-tour on Monday December 20, to
the Dutton Bay Tramway. The tramway will be running its last train on
December 28, and a special train was supplied to provide the members
present with a tour of the line. The Dutton Bay is a prime candidate
for LRRSA interest, being a private, industrial, narrow gauge railway,
although the gauge of 9mm might be considered a little too narrow for
some. :-)

Members present were Frank Stamford, Mike McCarthy, Grant McAdam and
John Dennis, with three guests along for the ride.

There's a couple of photos of this day, plus another "farewell" tour
run a month earlier, on this Railpage thread:

John Dennis
Melbourne,Australia Home of the HOn30 Dutton Bay Tramway
and the Australian Narrow Gauge Web-Exhibition Gallery
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