Re: Fifty years of LRRSA - events and activities - Revision 2

Frank Stamford

Hello Rod,

You are coming up with some very interesting pictures.

The one showing Les Poole at Cheetham saltworks, Geelong, is
significant, as this was to be Les's last rail enthusiast trip before he
died on 21 March. From the time he became aware of the VLRRS's existence
he was a great supporter of what it was attempting to do, and had
membership number 10.

Barry Stewart was a member, he had membership number 50.

We were living in interesting times in the VLRRS at the time that trip
was run...



On 23/12/2010 12:10 PM, rnveditor wrote:

At Easter 1968 I was in the bush with a different group, and missed
the Powelltown exploration hike.
The Whistlestop day was Sat.25.5.68; I was in NSW and missed it.

That now jumps to Sat.1.3.69.
My photos show this as four visits in one day:
Bus to Geelong, and start with Cheetham (included a ride)
Belmont Common: possibly for lunch
Back to Laverton for Cheetham
Finish the day at Altona explosives sidings

There will be a lot of photographs to scan, and I have jumped to one
out of sequence to get started, and kept it at full size.

Far left: Keith Kings, ?, ? (possibly our host), Les Poole
Front of trolley: David Hennel, Andrew Hennell, John Withers
Rear of trolley: Possibly Barry Stewart bending over, but I can't
recall him being a VLLRS person, usually ARE.
Behind the trolley: Steve Martin beside Frank Stamford
Far right: Ralph Cleary with a camera

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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