Re: Poverty Point bridge (Walhalla)

Frank Stamford

It is good to see this bridge has been redecked.

You can find some information about it in Light Railways No.28 page 20,
No.29 page 7, and very good photographs of it (before it was redecked)
in LR No.33 page 25. In a later issue of LR, which I cannot locate in a
hurry (possibly around No.55), there is a phograph of a helicopter
delivering redecking materials.

In 1969 there were rumours the bridge was going to be blown up by the
army as an exercise. I don't know whether the rumours were well founded,
but the LRRSA took action to bring the bridge's historical significance
to attention to prevent such a thing happening.



On 23/12/2010 10:58 AM, rnveditor wrote:

Thanks Rod,
I won't need them personally, but they could be placed in an album in
the group's photos section (you have to get there via the Yahoo website).

When I was fairly new to VLRRS, people talked of the bridge in hushed
tones: nobody was sure that it existed. It was erected in the factory
yard (South Melbourne?), then each part was numbered and the whole lot
was taken in by packhorse from Toongabbie: the bridge predated VR's
Walhalla line. One senior rembered seeing the painted numbers on the
pieces in his early exploration (1930s or 40s).

I found it in 1971, by bushbashing down from the road and landing at
just the right spot.
A second attempt a few years later was less successful: I landed to
far downstream. My group waded up the river and reached the bridge.

When it became part of the alpine trail, the approach trails were
cleared on each side.

On a weekend of exploration based on staying at Rawson, LRRSA walked
in from the VR and road Thomson bridges: up Mormontown Track, then
along the former tramline to the bridge.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Rod Hutchinson <r.hutchinson@...> wrote:
...I may have some photos if you would like...

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