Re: Fifty years of LRRSA - events and activities - Revision 2

Roderick Smith

At Easter 1968 I was in the bush with a different group, and missed the Powelltown exploration hike.
The Whistlestop day was Sat.25.5.68; I was in NSW and missed it.

That now jumps to Sat.1.3.69.
My photos show this as four visits in one day:
Bus to Geelong, and start with Cheetham (included a ride)
Belmont Common: possibly for lunch
Back to Laverton for Cheetham
Finish the day at Altona explosives sidings

There will be a lot of photographs to scan, and I have jumped to one out of sequence to get started, and kept it at full size.

Far left: Keith Kings, ?, ? (possibly our host), Les Poole
Front of trolley: David Hennel, Andrew Hennell, John Withers
Rear of trolley: Possibly Barry Stewart bending over, but I can't recall him being a VLLRS person, usually ARE.
Behind the trolley: Steve Martin beside Frank Stamford
Far right: Ralph Cleary with a camera

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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