Re: Fifty years of LRRSA - events and activities - Revision 2

Roderick Smith

I have made a start with the Sun.3.3.68 Ballarat tram tour.
This was described in Autumn 68 LR 23.
The first stage used four-wheel tram 21; the second stage used bogie tram 37.

From my tour file:
* Sun.3.3.68: VT. B85-ABU43-BL13(Pioneer)-BL12(Enterprise)-BV8-BV7-BV6-BV19-AV32-BV3-BV18-BV1-BC15 Melbourne - North Geelong - Ballarat - Melbourne. This was the first use of BL12 in VT since restoration. An R was planned; the B was used because of fire danger. There was a tram convoy for all passengers from the station to the gardens & return. (Apr.68 DD p32 item).
* Sun.3.3.68: ARE (58) Ballarat tram tour of the complete system. 37 & 21. There were 34 passengers; travel to and from Ballarat was on VT.
A forward run via North Geelong hints at about an 11.30 arrival in Ballarat.
I didn't mention the LRRSA tour. Clearly, VLRRS and ARE exchanged trams mid afternoon. What isn't clear: did the two travel in convoy all day, or did they go different ways, and met at a rendezvous later?

The first two photos don't contain many recognisable people, but possibly Ian Stanley is included. The third shows John Prideaux on the footpath. I suspect that it is in the second half, and VLRRS 37 is blocked from view by ARE's 21, being crossed.

I continued west on my motorcycle to photograph the declining days of steam in the Nhill area. I still had a week left before university resumed.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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