Re: Light railways in Port Macquarie area


Chris Stratton wote on 19 December:
I'll be staying in Port Macquarie with the family next month and was
wondering if there are any light railway remains in the area worth looking
at. They would need to be easy to get to and not too far away. Bulahdelah
and Mayers Point would be too far away, but the Kendall area would be OK.

It would seem that there are some relics in the Kendall area - see LR 131 pp 11-20; LR 133 pp 21-23; LR 145, p 28; LR 150 p 36; and LR 159 p 28. You will also have the opportunity to ride on the recently re-opened Timbertown Heritage Railway at Wauchope (re-launched on 15 December).
Bob McKillop
Heritage & Research editor, Light Railways

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