Re: Fifty years of LRRSA - events and activities - Revision 2

Frank Stamford

Hello Rod and others,

Very interesting pictures.

Sa_03, the one showing the people walking along the tramway formation
is, I think, at Black Sands, but I am not sure if it is on the west side
of Black Sands Road with the people walking towards the station site, or
on the east side with the people walking in the Powelltown direction.

Sa_05 is definitely at Black Sands, east of Black Sands Road, it shows
the remains of a gravel screening plant which was near the tramway.

Sa_08a with the bus on the far left and the group of people examining
the sacred site is at Three Bridges, looking towards Yarra Junction. The
formation of the tramway (ie the sacred site) is on the right.



On 18/12/2010 6:56 AM, rnveditor wrote:

I have added three more from the 'Bump in a bus' day, Sat.2.12.67 .

05: I am not sure what the structure is. Before I scanned, I thought
that the man was John Buckland, but I never did meet John until the
Lal Lal ironworks tour. I suspect that this photo shows a second
Lionel (not Lionel Rickard).

08a, 12 people: ?, ?, Phil Rickard, Graham or Trevor Bentley?,
possibly Peter Fraser (but I didn't think that he came on VLRRS
tours), Lionel Rickard, Richard Dempster, Trevor Penn, David Hennell?,
John Prideaux, Frank Stamford, Jeff Gardner?.

09 at Powelltown, eight people, none identifiable.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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