Re: Fifty years of LRRSA - events and activities - Revision 2

Roderick Smith

I have added two more of the 'Bump in a bus' day, which was Sat.2.12.67 (removing another uncertainty from the master list). They are in my Roderick Smith album in the group's photos section.

Photo 02 shows the bus: driver, John Withers, Graham Harding and Frank Stamford.
Photo 03 shows the group hiking on what could be part of the Powelltown tram formation.
Rear right could be Lindsay Rickard, ahead could be John Gardner, ahead could be Frank Stamford. Rear left and way ahead I can't guess.

The location is before Powelltown, but after a place where we inspected a yard with logs. That location could have been Yarra Junction.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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