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Frank Stamford

Hello all,

I have just uploaded Revision 2 of the LRRSA Fifty Years of Activities list. It can be found in the Files section in "Frank's folder".

It now has details of a lot more LRRSA Tours, and I must thank Peter Evans for the details of these. His filing system is obviously much better organised than mine. This has answered all the outstanding queries on when particular trips were run, although the exact dates of some are not known. However it would seem likely there are still some missing - for instance, there are none listed for 1996, and none listed for Victoria in 1997. And I still think there are some missing for NSW, Qld and SA.

Also added are all the books published by the LRRSA (excluding special issues of "Light Railways").

What is missing are details of some of the book launches. If anyone can help with that information it would be appreciated.

Incidentally, the names of some of the tours are intriguing!



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I have made a start on scanning a selection of photos taken during LRRSA activities.

Today's isn't LRRSA, but has strong links.
They cover part of the ceremony of PBR's reopening day from Menzies Creek to Emerald.
The two groups have always had close links; many members are dual; many things dear to our hearts are preserved and operated there; it was/is the base for LRRSA's TACL-restoration project.
Through the 1960s, PBR nurtured railway enthusiasm in a wave of baby-boomer teenagers: they went on to be active in that venture, and many others.
On this occasion, I was in year 11 and headed off for the day independently. I made many new friends, and met Frank for the first time. We had a mutual friend, Jeff Gardner (in my scout troup, and contemporary with Frank at Camberwell High, and hence part of the founding movement of VLRRS). I guess that Frank must have been first-year university at the time. We chatted on many topics of interest, and I must have joined soon after, and picked up what available back issues existed. I was particularly interested in the Port Melbourne gasworks tramway, as I had seen its tracks frequently when growing up in South Melbourne.

Undoubtedly many other future members were present on that day, and some may even be in the background in my two posted photos.

I intend to concentrate on photos which show members in action: a tree beside a crumbling formation looks much the same whenever it is photographed: put in a few members with camers, tape measures and clipboards (or gps units and laptops), and we link the location to the progress of 50 years of VLRRS/LRRSA activity.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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