Re: Fifty years of LRRSA - events and activities - Revision 1

Frank Stamford

Hello all,

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I can find only one Bogong tour listed: my memory is that there were at least three. Aha: that is Wombat Woodline & Water Race.
Wombat being the railway at Leneva, not Wombat State Forest.

The Lysterfield morning is missing.
OK, I have uploaded a Revision 1a, and included Lysterfield and the other trips you mentioned in your later email under "Unknown significant dates" at the end of the document. Hopefully we will be able to find dates for them.

The Cheetham day also took in Belmont Common Railway.
Noted, I have amended this in Revision 1a.

There are references to the Ada Valley reports, but not to the tour in mostly 4wd vehicles, including Alan's Unimog. I was in the only 2wd (a Mini Moke, driven by Arthur). We got through nearly the whole course, then wallowed into the mud in one dip. It took two Landrovers coupled to drag us out. IIRC one of them belonged to John Withers.
Yes that trip - which was unique in many ways - is listed, under "Upper Yarra Spectacular" 12 Apr 1970. There were three Land Rovers, Alan's Haflinger (not Unimog), and a Mini Moke.



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