Re: Fifty years of LRRSA - events and activities - Revision 1

Frank Stamford

Following Rod's message I have looked at the list of tours in "Five to 500" and found a lot that were not included in the Fifty Year document I prepared.

I have therefore produced the First revision of the list, which can be found in "Frank's folder" in the Files section of this Yahoo Group.

I have also deleted the first version of the document.

I still believe there are many LRRSA trips missing from the second 25 years.



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Hello Rod,

Thanks for that.

I cannot help with the GGGs, hopefully others can.

Thanks for the information on the June 1975 Tasmanian trip, that was
a significant omission.



At 07:03 AM 15/12/2010, you wrote:

I am trying to unscramble the Grand Gippsland Gallivants.

One of them took in Port Welshpool, Port Albert?
One of them took in Wonthaggi & Kilcunda (or was that the return
from Port Albert?)

One of them was based at Lakes Entrance, with charter ferry up North
Arm to Mississippi Creek, and to an island; then we walked the
tramway next day.

On trip missing: Queens Birthday 1975.
Friday night: fly into Devonport, overnight in Formby Hotel.
Saturday: Two? hired cars to Hobart & Ida Bay, including a ride.
Overnight in a Hobart hotel.
Sunday: to Zeehan, and inspect remains, also Williamsford.
Monday: to Devonport and home.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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