Fifty years of LRRSA - events and activities

Frank Stamford

Hello all,

At the last LRRSA Council Meeting it was agreed we should produce a fiftieth anniversary publication in "Light Railways" format which would partly be an updated version of the front section of our 25th Anniversary Publication "Five to 500" and partly a photo feature. The latter may be in the format of one photograph for each of the 50 years with a list of key events in that year.

I seem to have the job of putting this together, and to that end I have come up with the attached document as a first step - trying to identify key events of relevance in each year. To do this I have gone through every issue of "Light Railways" and "Light Railway News" - but because of the volume of material I have not been able to read them in detail but rather peruse the headings and relevant photo captions. So it is undoubtedly incomplete, and it will be affected by my own biases or special interests.

So if you can add important missing events I would appreciate it. "Five to 500" identified all the special tours and site visits that were run in the first 25 years, but I am sure many are missing from the second 25 years on the attached document. LR and LRN should be a document of record of all LRRSA tours and site visits but many seem to have been run without a report being published.

If you know of any good photographs that illustrate significant events - especially Society tours - please let me know. I am especially interested in photographs taken on Society events in states other than Victoria. I know some particularly interesting visits were organised in NSW, Qld and South Australia but I don't have ready access to suitable photographs.



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