Re: Baguley Drewry Loco.

Henrik Dorbeck

Thanks David. Will add to relavent info file I am ammasing.


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Subject: Re: [LRRSA] Baguley Drewry Loco.


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Details I have found are as follows;
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0DM
• Built by EE Baguley Ltd, Burton-on-Trent, UK, for Railway,
Mine and Plantation Equipment Ltd, UK
• Weight:
• Build #: 3377 of 1953
• Horse Power: fitted with a 6LW Gardner Diesel Motor
Would love any additional details like a line drawing for a starter.
I don't have a photo or a drawing but can add:
Gauge: 24" [you knew that!]
HP: 102
Weight: 10tons 10cwt
ordered by RMP: 28 May 51
ex works: 14 May 53.
exhibited at British Industries Fair, Castle Bromwich: 24 April 53
despatched to Mulgrave Central Mill Co Ltd, Queensland

Avoid this book lest ye be tempted:

The Railway Products of Baguley-Dreary Ltd and its Predecessors
Civil and Etherington
Industrial Railway Society 2008
ISBN 978 901556 44 1
Hardback £29.99p

Light on drawings - only seven - but dozens of clear Works Photos of all
manner of standard and narrow gauge Light Railway equipment, steam, petrol,
diesel and electric. Plus the kind of detail above on each and every
machine built and lots of explanatory text and company/product history.

David 1/2d

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