American Industrial locomotives imported to Australia 1876-1920

Frank Stamford

I am posting this message on behalf of David Fletcher who is working on a book
titled: "The Art & Architecture of American Locomotive Imports, 1876 - 1920".
The book relates to imports to Australia only, and excludes steam tram motors.

David is aware of locomotives delivered to the state rail systems, and to:
Fairymead, Millars, Mount Lyell, JA Overend, Berrima Coal, AT Robb (Victoria
Dock), BHP, Cairns - Mulgrave Tramway, and the Marrawah tramway, and of the
Vulcans that ended up at Fyansford. He is also aware of the Baldwin 0-4-0STs in
the "Sandfly" family.

What he is looking for are details of any other industrial locos delivered new
from Baldwin, Vulcan or Porter from 1876 to 1920.

David prepared the drawing of the Baldwin 2-4-0 loco "Little Yarra" which
appeared in a recent issue of "Light Railways", and examples of his work showing
the liveries of Baldwin locomotives as delivered have appeared in various issues
of "Narrow Gauge Downunder". The new book will include many detailed coloured
drawings showing the liveries of American locomotives as delivered. I have seen
some of the drawings and they are magnificent.

For the same purpose, does anyone know of the most up to date and accurate
listing of Shay and Climax locomotives that came to Australia?

Hope some of the members of this Group may be able to help.


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