Re: Baugley Drewery Loco.

John Garaty

Hi Henrik,
All photos are now up. I have tried to set the album up as if you were doing a walk-around.

known visible ILRMS mods,
all grilles on the sides of the engine bay and in front of the radiator were built by ILRMS (both locos arrived with none of the original louvred panels), lights, the steel external roof over the cab has been removed (too badly rusted too be saved). Externally the rest of the loco is visually pretty much we got it from CSR.

I hope that this helps,
Regards, John Garaty
Unanderra in oz

--- In, Henrik Dorbeck <hdhj5862@...> wrote:

John and Scott,

Thanks for your replies. What a fool I was- never even thought of the Cane
Trains book (of which I have a copy). I have now located it and found the
relavent drawings. Thank you everyone who has led me along the path to my
destination. John I would be interested in the photos to peruse as further
details for the loco. In the book there are actually two Baugley's both slightly

Thanks again



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