Re: Baugley Drewery Loco.

John Browning

To clarify about the history of this type of locomotive:

EE Baguley Ltd developed a range of larger narrow gauge diesels from 1946, an 0-4-0DM with Gardner 4LW engine of around 55hp (two went to Fiji), 0-4-0DM and 0-6-0DM types with the Gardner 6LW of around 110hp (three 0-6-0s came to Australia and one went to Fiji) and the 0-6-0DM type with the Gardner 8LW of around 150hp, of which 11 came to Australia.

Drewry Car Co Ltd (DC) were agents who had a special relationship with Baguley. Locomotives supplied by Baguley under the Drewry name carried Drewry plates and were numbered in a separate Drewry series of builder's numbers (in the 2xxx) series. The locomotives not supplied through Drewry were numbered in Baguley's own series, by this time 3xxx.

The Australian locomotives with the 8LW engine were supplied both via Drewry and RMP (Railway Mine & Plantation Equipment). The Drewry versions were designed with different bodywork although mechanically they were very similar.

In 1967, EE Baguley and Drewry Car Co merged to become Baguley-Drewry Ltd. Following this, one 0-6-0DH was supplied to Fiji with a 280hp GM V8 engine, based on the Clyde Model HG-3R. Finally, three 140hp 0-6-0DH with a Caterpillar 3304 engine went to Fiji in 1987. These had been built for Mozambique but had never been delivered there.

I have placed a list of these locomotives n the `files' section of the site.


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