Re: Baugley Drewery Loco.

Henrik Dorbeck

John and Scott,

Thanks for your replies. What a fool I was- never even thought of the Cane
Trains book (of which I have a copy). I have now located it and found the
relavent drawings. Thank you everyone who has led me along the path to my
destination. John I would be interested in the photos to peruse as further
details for the loco. In the book there are actually two Baugley's both slightly

Thanks again



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Subject: [LRRSA] Re: Baugley Drewery Loco.

Hi Henrik,
There was a line drawing General Arrangement in "Cane Trains" about the sugar
Industry in Fiji. This book also had line drawings of a lot of the other
equipment that operated in Fiji. There may be line drawings or photos of similar
units in LR66 (australina Sugar) and LR77 (Fiji Sugar).

The ILRMS has a similar unit "Seymour".

and in action

I have taken a lot of detail photos of "Seymour" for a planned 7mm scale model.
I would be happy to put these up in an album for you if you wish.

John Garaty

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Hi Guys,

I am looking for some drawings for the above mentioned loco for a project. Does
anyone know where I can source a set? I have the Accucraft model and seen one in
the flesh at Woodford on a visit and now have the taste. I think it would make
an awesome 7 1/4" model!! :-)



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