Re: Baugley Drewery Loco.

Henrik Dorbeck


Thanks for your reply. The closest I can find is the Woodford Baugley. I was
there in March and quite impressed with it. So much so that I managed to find an
Accucraft model going spare. I had thought of looking at it in 7 1/4" gauge as a
model. Details I have found are as follows;
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0DM
• Built by EE Baguley Ltd, Burton-on-Trent, UK, for Railway,
Mine and Plantation Equipment Ltd, UK
• Weight:
• Build #: 3377 of 1953
• Horse Power: fitted with a 6LW Gardner Diesel Motor
Would love any additional details like a line drawing for a starter.
Thanks again

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Hi Guys,

I am looking for some drawings for the above mentioned loco for a
project. Does anyone know where I can source a set? I have the Accucraft
model and seen one in the flesh at Woodford on a visit and now have the
taste. I think it would make an awesome 7 1/4" model!! :-)

I've got a book about Baguley-Drewry.

They built large numbers of very varied locomotives.

Could you narrow down the search to a specific type please?

David 1/2d


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