Re: Kiama tramway


I was fascinated to read the items about the Kiama blue metal tramway
and thank the several contributors for some very interesting information

As a very young enthusiast in the 1940s I walked the branch line from
the NSWGR yard and the main line from the wharf to the quarry and
although the years have dimmed my memory somewhat I can clearly remember
being fascinated by the sight of a diminutive steam locomotive just
behind a fence but close to the public road and a number of wagons under
the crushers. At that stage the quarry was not operating and lantana had
started to intrude

Being young and in fear of parental or police retribution I resisted the
urge to enter the enclosed area at the quarry although I did walk out
along the tracks above the bins on the wharf - with fear of falling into
the bins. How I wished I could have gone closer to the locomotive and
peeked into the engine shed!

I am intrigued to read remarks about standard guage operations in the
Kiama quarries and even more so about about such a line to a wharf and
hope that someone will write more about the latter and indicate where
the wharf was located

Thanks for enjoyment


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