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Mark Trainbrain

Hi Richard, all,
The standard gauge higher up in the quarry wouldn't have been for a rail mounted steam navvy, would it? In the Terralong Tracks book there is a photo of a tracked steam navvy simply credited as being at Kiama. The same book has views of the Pikes Hill quarry, with 2' gauge lines running to the upper level of the quarry, though no steam navvies are visible in the photos of the quarry itself. A diagram shows extensive 2' gauge access to the quarry face, including wagon turntables, so would likely have been animal or hand worked at that level.

On 18/11/2010 6:01 AM, richard horne wrote:
Further to my previous comments on the Kiama quarry's internal combustion locos, I've now spoken to Bruce Macdonald. He confirms that on a visit to the quarry c1947, there were traces of standard gauge track in the upper quarry (further along Terralong Street, to the west of the quarry in which the 2'0" gauge locos worked). It was several hundred yards from the quarry face to the crusher so he felt it was quite plausible that a (standard gauge) loco was used,

Bruce said that there were two standard gauge Purcell/Caldwell Vale i.c. locos used at Minnamurra Quarry on the South Coast, so one could conceivably have ended up at Kiama. Bruce discovered one of this pair 'quite recently' (i.e. about 40 years ago!) among the junk in the quarryman's yard of Cleary Bros., Bombo.

Re the standard gauge quarry line at Kiama, using ex NSWGT steam tram locos, that Mark refers to, there were in fact two such operations. They were not actually in Kiama, but just to the north at Bombo. The Bombo Old State Quarry used ex NSWGT motors 51A and 54A. The Bombo Railway Quarry used ex NSWGT motors 11A, 53A and 118A (originally 17, then N20), as well as NSWGR Vulcan Iron Works 0-4-0ST 1218 (later 1023).

Although Bruce has some works photographs and other information on Gibson Battle, he has no record of all the i.c. locos produced, nor knowledge of where or if any company records survive.

Richard Horne.

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Subject: Re: [LRRSA] Kiama tramway
Date: Wednesday, 17 November, 2010, 10:28


Just further to the original query, in case this detail was missed,

there was more than one tramway in the Kiama area. Aside from the well

known ~2' gauge tram, one was standard gauge between another quarry and

wharf and used an ex NSWGT steam tram motor, perhaps others. What gauge

was used at Avon Dam?


Mark K

On 13/11/2010 4:16 PM, Neville Conder wrote:

Afternoon all
Been visiting the local museum in Kiama today and have a query.
It had a list of locomotives that worked on the tramway and the time they were there. A interesting one was as follows: 1927, Gibson Battle, petrol electric Ex Avon Dam, built in April 1921.
I thought I knew a lot about the tramway but this a new one for me. Does anyone have any information on this loco. Did it actual work on the tramway.
Any information would be appreciated.


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