Re: Kiama tramway

Mark Trainbrain

Just further to the original query, in case this detail was missed, there was more than one tramway in the Kiama area. Aside from the well known ~2' gauge tram, one was standard gauge between another quarry and wharf and used an ex NSWGT steam tram motor, perhaps others. What gauge was used at Avon Dam?
Mark K

On 13/11/2010 4:16 PM, Neville Conder wrote:
Afternoon all
Been visiting the local museum in Kiama today and have a query.
It had a list of locomotives that worked on the tramway and the time they were there. A interesting one was as follows: 1927, Gibson Battle, petrol electric Ex Avon Dam, built in April 1921.
I thought I knew a lot about the tramway but this a new one for me. Does anyone have any information on this loco. Did it actual work on the tramway.
Any information would be appreciated.

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