Re: Longworth Tramway


Hi Prof Klyzir,

Thank you for the feedback.

I have had a look at the article and it has some interesting info.

In answer to your question about scale, I suppose that I am working in 1:1 scale, as I am trying to build the route in Microsoft Train Simulator.

If you are interested I have a site where I have done "mainline" routes, but am now attempting a logging tramway.

The site is:

Therefore the more info the better, even if it is a good educated guess.

For example some accurate info about location of loading ramps and sidings would be helpful, etc.



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Dear Peter,

Can I suggest you locate a copy of Oct 2005 Australian Model Railway

I think you'll find the feature layout in that issue particularly of

What scale are you looking to model Longworths in?

Happy Modelling and Researching,

Aim to Improve,

Prof Klyzlr

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