Sandstone (South Africa) 2011 events

Roderick Smith

Just announced: a whole one-week extravanza, and guests with steam experience can have hands on. John and I have had great days at Sandstone (610 mm gauge) as part of one of Geoff's extended tours. Steam in Action is a consortium of preservation groups, established to attempt to arrest further losses in retained national-collection locos, and to try to keep mainline charters running.

Roderick B Smith

Four Garratts on one train and a supporting cast of another 18 steam
locomotives, a Sherman tank and a team of trek oxen. Interested?

Sandstone Estates and South Africa's Steam in Action group are planning a week long steam gala for next April. They have asked Geoff's Trains Limited to offer a package of gala, transport and accommodation that will make it easier and cheaper for overseas visitors, and non Steam in Action members, to access the event. We are happy to oblige.

Sandstone is a large and very modern commercial farm on the Lesoto border in South Africa's Freestate Province, about a 5 hour drive from Johannesburg. All of their narrow gauge locomotives will all be in operation through the week. Wilf Mole, owner and organiser of the event, believes that the best way to maximise the experience is to leave much of the programme unstructured, and then respond to the requests of the participants. I will be hosting the tour and we should have a good influence in what happens.

Also operating during the week, and being positioned to give nteresting railway photographs, will be the extensive military vehicle collection, agricultural vehicles, traction engines and trek oxen.

As Sandstone's extensive railway is all on private land, enthusiasts are welcome to get involved in loco preparation, firing and driving, as well as in the operation of the other heritage resources. If you have the necessary experience, an opportunity not to be missed.

Prices for the package will be available in a few days. If you are interested in joining us, let me know by going to our web page at:
(A good level of interest prior to finalising the price can keep the cost down.)

A second tour to South Africa will visit Sandstone in June 2011. This wil be part of our trans - African steam enthusiast tour, details can be found at:

Geoff Cooke
Geoff's Trains Limited

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