LRRSA - Southern Forests Tour - Geeveston to Cockle Creek 18-21 February 2011.

Frank Stamford

Hello all,

A preliminary notification about this tour went out with the latest (October) issue of "Light Railways".

Would anybody who may be interested in going and who has not yet responded please do so promptly. A response at this early stage does not mean you are committing yourself to going, it is simply an expression of interest, however it will be necessary to make firm bookings fairly soon.

We are currently trying to gauge the level of interest so that we can work out the logistics of transport and accommodation.

This is a rare opportunity to visit some very interesting country under expert guidance. The area has an extremely rich railway/tramway history but it is not easy to find the remains on a casual visit.

The trip will also include a visit to the Ida Bay Railway.



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