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Subject: Moreton Mill Centerary book update information needed
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Date: Tuesday, 26 October, 2010, 8:51 PM

Hi all,
I have suffered from a major  burst of enthusiasm. I have started work again  on finishing the final chapters as an addition to the Moreton Mill centenary  book. This would  deal with the closure  of the Mill its last day and demolition. I am after the following:
 a pic / image of the last loaded train on the last run,
sightings on the LAST DAY and times from anybody who was there.
details of when the various locos were transferred north particularly Bli Bli and Petrie
 the name of the driver of Petrie on the last run (perhaps Ron A may know) And confirmation of the other drivers
and when / where the last sections of track were lifted  Dates etc was it 2004 or 2005
The stop work order place on ripping the track up  when it was place by whom and when it was lifted
Dates when the mill itself was demolished.
What is preserved and where? locos buildings wagons etc
Any other bits and pieces of the Period relating to 3rd Dec 2003 to the present. (what track is still visible today etc)
Could you please forward this email on to fellow Moreton mill enthusiasts (and encourage them to send it on) so the full story may be told, due acknowledgement will be made of those who contribute and a copy will be forwarded to them of the finished work.
My email address is gonzo4419@bigpond.com   Subject to be headed Moreton mill
It would really be appreciated if we can get this info together before it is lost forever.
Thanks kindly
David Kirkland (gonzo)

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