Re: Perry 0-6-2 general arraingment drawings wanted


I think there may be a GA available from LRRSA Sales. We have a number of drawings of locos and some rolling stock, but have no offered them for sale for many years due to lack of interest.
I shall have a look for you tonight and get back to you.
Bill Hanks

From: [] On Behalf Of Scott Arnell
Sent: Thursday, 21 October 2010 5:32 PM
Subject: [LRRSA] Perry 0-6-2 general arraingment drawings wanted

Hi all,
Just wandering if anyone out there would be able to assist me in tracking down
some general arraingment drawings of a 2ft gauge perry 0-6-2 suger loco?.
Building a 5" live steamer. Any help, greatly appreciated.

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