Re: Carriage on the move.

Damien Tinker

I believe it is also "home again"
It was really interesting seeing it under the carport at cranbourne for so long before returning back to Erica.

On 21/10/2010, at 5:35 PM, Marie and David Lowe <> wrote:

2NU has arrived at Erica where it is proudly sitting on a short section of track
in the yard of the old corner shop.

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It appears to be a guards van or louvered van. Im not sure. I didnt see the
number this is what i was told by the owner.

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On 20/10/2010, at 9:28 AM, Chris Stratton <> wrote:

Damien Tinker <> wrote:

Hey all
My friend jeff watson, stephen watson's son messaged me last night. They
have the 2nu carriage at cranbourne. It is being relocated today to
erica. Im not sure if its on narre warren road at tge moment but no
doubt it will be on the highway sometime this morning. Ill message when
im told its on its way.
Stephen is setting up the museum at Erica with railway heritage and
What is a 2nu carriage?

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