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Frank Stamford

Well the Puffing Billy Spit Roast has now run. Actually it was the "1920s Gembrook Mixed Train" and it ran on Sunday 3 October with about 85 passengers, and was fully booked.

On the same day the Puffing Billy Railway had an open day with workshops at Belgrave and Emerald open to the public, the museum at Menzies Creek open with a number of exhibits operating, Peckett locomotive "Sir John Grice" in steam at Emerald, rebuilt Couillet locomotive 861 in steam at Menzies Creek, diesel-mechanical locomotive D21 in growl at Menzies Creek, diesel-hydraulic locomotives DH5 and DH31 growling in various places, and three NA locomotives beautifying the countryside.

Martin Bennett has placed 83 high-quality photographs taken on the day on this website:

and I have 18 photographs on my website here:

In the case of the latter group of pictures, as far as possible all evidence of post-1920s technology has been eliminated! This is in keeping with the theme of the 1920s Mixed Train.

A feature of the day was the placing of the Ali Shan Shay locomotive in an excellent location on No.3 Road at Menzies Creek station, with a beatifully presented load of sawn timber behind it. This was mounted on two restoed ex-Tyers Valley Tramway timber bogies. The Menzies Creek Museum team have done a wonderful job in their presentation of these timber bogies and load.

It is quite likely the 1920s Gembrook Mixed train will run again next year.



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Hello all,

This train is now fully booked.

Thank you to all who have booked on it.



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This train, which is on Sunday 3 October, already has 50 bookings. Anyone thinking of booking should do so quickly as I expect it will reach capacity shortly. A leaflet and booking form was included with August "Light Railways".


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G'day Rod,
It's a mixed train on either the 2 or 3rd of October.
There's a flyer in the latest LR.
Bill Hanks

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Hi all,

Somebody sent a note about a trip on Puffing Billy to Gembrook and associated spit roast during October. Can someone resend or direct me to that message please?

Rod Hutchinson

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