March 2011 narrow gauge industrial trip to trip to Sichuan (China)

John Browning

I am forwarding to the group details of an exciting trip to China in March
next year that some may be interested in.

I have previously participated in tours that John Raby was involved in as a
tour organiser and am confident that the tour would be congenial and well

I would love to go, but from my perspective at this stage, I think I will be
trying to focus on my more central interests.

However, it is definitely past one minute to midnight as far as such
opportunities allow.

To read all the details and see what can be expected, go to



From: John Raby []
Sent: Wednesday, 29 September 2010 10:09 PM
To: John Raby
Subject: March 2011 trip to Sichuan for the Jiayang (Shibanxi) and Mojiang
narrow gauge coal railways

A proposal is now on my website for a China ng tour.
This is only 6 months' away so I am keen to get the word out now as quickly
and as widely as possible. Please pass this on to anyone who might be
interested. The reason for the slightly last-minute decision is the progress
on a road that will link Bago to Qianwei which is due to be completed by
spring 2011. Spring 2012 might be too late!

Please let me know if you are interested. I will then keep you updated on
progress with this trip. For those who may want to stay in China for longer
than 10 days, I should be able to help suggest additional things to do after
the trip either using Zebedee as your guide in Sichuan or with other guides
in other parts of China. Depending on my own plans prior to this tour, I may
not have much time left on a one month China visa to be able to stay long
beyond the end of the tour but that could change. I am currently thinking of
celebrating my 60th in Bago for around 2 weeks with my wife before the trip
proposed below.

Best wishes

John Raby

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