Re: Historical Acts of Parliment -railway construction

David in Avenel

10 days have passed and I have been using a newly loaded PC with XP Pro and
it still doesn't work. I keep getting a message that says "file doesn't
begin with %PDF" so I doubt that it is my PC - 2 different programmes and
two different PCs. Nothing happens after that. Unfortunately a reply saying
that it works for you is unhelpful in trying to get it to work for me.
Perhaps no-one else uses it here and thus no helpful reply.

On 10 September 2010 17:40, Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...> wrote:

David Langley wrote:
I am having great trouble getting this website to work. I keep getting to
the point of downloading a file and then it goes haywire. Things like
says "does not start with a %pdf" or something. Nothing opens. If I try
"save to" it saves it as a browser document and I then find that freezes
PC. Anyone else having any success, obviously you are Scott but not me.
I don't have any problems accessing it either with firefox at home or
with IE and chrome at work. It is a highly reputable and reliable site.

Hi All,

While looking for railway information on the web, I found the following

David in Avenel.

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