Couillet 986/1889

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Of possible interest to followers of ex-gasworks locomotives . . .

Société Anonyme Usines Métallurgiques du Hainaut (Couillet) 986/1889 made an appearance on "Spicks and Specks" on the ABC on Wednesday night. The ex-West Melbourne gasworks loco was filmed c.1970 at Whistle Stop at Frankston, and features Kamahl. Missed it?
Go to for 10 seconds of what must be a couple of minutes' film from the ABC archives. (It's close to the start so you won't have to download many MB's).

It would seem to be a clone of The Seekers doing Morningtown Ride on Puffing Billy as Kamahl sings the same song. (I think I'll stick with The Seekers version - Kamahl is no Judith Durham!)
Interestingly, it's the first really good quality film of the Whistlestop railway that I've seen although there must be other stuff around; it brought back memories of the VLRRS tour to Whistlestop a long, long time ago . . .

cheers Phil Rickard

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