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Subject: Portland Cement 0-6-0T steam loco sale
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Date: Sunday, 5 September, 2010, 2:36 AM

To all:-
            In the interest of Damian's desired blanket coverage, I have sent this e-mail to several railway-minded contacts to whom I don't normally send railway material.      Please bear with me and delete this item if you have no wish to forward this item nor anybody to whom to send it.
    When I was briefly working on the A2 at Steamrail some years ago, during coffee break one day one of the jokers in the group said that he'd heard that somebody in Wodonga had a D3 in his backyard, where he was restoring it.      I knew the 'D3 bit' to be totally fallacious but did a bit of probing.      Someone (it may have been Randall Wilson) told me that he understood that someone in Wodonga had a small industrial tank locomotive in his backyard.       It would seem that it was this engine but I had absolutely no idea that it was this big!

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Subject: Portland Cement 0-6-0T steam loco sale
Date: Sat. 4 Sep 2010 16:08

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Dear Hugo,
                Alexander McCooke has just mentioned that you have a bit of an e-mail list going out to rail enthusiasts.
   Below is the text of an advertisement planned to be in the next issue of Railway Digest.    I was a member of the Tallangatta Valley Railway, the previous owner of the loco, and am friends with the present owners.   Obviously the estate selling the loco would like to get the best price it can but I, and I am sure it too and many others, would like to see it in steam again.   I imagine that potential purchases are limited so the more people that hear about it the better.
   If you believe it would be of interest to your list members you are welcome to send it out.    I should note that I am getting no financial benefit from the sale of the loco; I just want to see it go to a good owner.
'For Auction
0-6-0T standard gauge steam locomotive
This locomotive is ex-Portland Cement Company No. 5 (Andrew Barclay & Sons & Co B/n 1470 of 1916) with 3’6” wheels.
The locomotive is partially reassembled following a major overhaul by Portland Cement in the late 1970s.
The sale includes what is believed to be all components required to make the locomotive complete including wheel sets, connecting rods and new bearings.
It is understood that the overhaul included a new boiler, which has not been fired since leaving the Portland Cement Company site.
The locomotive is currently located in the Wodonga area in North East Victoria.
The locomotive will be auctioned on the 16th October 2010. 
For prior inspection or further inquiries please contact Ron Begley on 0408 69-0612'
            Damian McCrohan
            (03) 9873-1003

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