Decauville catalogue 1916 - reproduction soon available

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Decauvillologists may be interested to know that LR PRESSE in France is about to publish (in October) a full reproduction of the 1916 Decauville catalogue. For details see

To quote:
Reproduction complète des 448 pages du catalogue Decauville n° 130 d'après le document original de 1916, incluant toute la production ferroviaire du fabricant : voie et matériel de voie, engins à moteurs, voitures, voyageurs et wagons, ainsi que des photos et descriptions du matériel en situation, notamment dans les colonies.

For those ordering prior to 10 September the price is EUR69.00 After that date the price will be EUR77.50 (plus whatever the postage is to Australia).

(LR PRESSE use an online ordering system almost identical to the LRRSA online sales. Despite my lack of French I found no difficulty negotiating it when buying the excellent book on French sugar beet tramways a couple of years ago.)

(If anything in French defeats me, I just copy and paste the web address into Babel fish for translation)


Phil Rickard

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