Lighthouse tramways and "South Solitary" - the movie

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A few years ago I had a short item in "Light Railways" on tramways associated with lighthouses around the Australian coast and further research has now expanded the list of known tramways to over sixty.

On this same theme, readers may be interested in a small-budget Australian film currently doing the rounds at selected cinemas, called "South Solitary".

NOT set on South Solitary Island, it does purport to show the solitary life on an isolated island, maybe off Tasmania, during the 1920's. Featuring Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings) as Meredith, a young lady who lost her "boyfriend" in the Great War, who accompanies her crusty old uncle to the island where he has been appointed head keeper.

For industrial railway afficianados, watch out for the incline haulage, used to raise supplies up the cliff. Filmed at Cape Nelson lighthouse, near Portland, Vic, and Cape Otway lighthouse, the haulage tram is actually a disused one at Murrell's Beach a few miles from Cape Nelson, origially used for raising shell grit and is on the Heritage listing.

The movie writer/director, Shirley Barrett , recently wrote in The Age that the haulage was her favourite set location.

If you're looking for a fast-paced Hollywood epic, don't bother but if a slower paced drama (with some quite amusing moments )is your cup of tea, it's worth a look. The scenery alone is stunning.

View trailer and details at together with various photos and details of lighthouse haulages.

I gave it four stars!

cheers Phil Rickard

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