Re: Another misplaced membership renewal payement

Frank Stamford

Thanks David.

Our Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary have been beavering away on this problem, and I think they have now identified all those renewals that were affected.

How many were involved and why it happened I don't yet know, but we will have to try create procedures which will prevent it in the future.

Unfortunately our renewal procedures have become quite administratively complicated, in an effort to give members the greatest possible choice of renewal options.



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Hello Jeff,

It would seem that one-week's batch of notifications of email renewals
has gone astray, it may have contained about a dozen renewals. I cannot
confirm that until I get back to Oz next Thursday.

To help you count, rather than bother you, I too have had a Membership
Renewal Reminder.

I renewed on 3 July, have an email receipt, and have received the books I
ordered at the same time.

David Halfpenny

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