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Frank Stamford

I mentioned below that I was going north to sacred sites of 3ft 6in significance.

This mainly referred to the Hamar Railwy Museum and library in Norway.

Today I completed two highly successful days there. My blog, referred to below has details.



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I am heading off north tomorrow on a pilgrimage to sacred sites of 3ft 6in gauge significance. I will be back on 12 August.

As a result there will be delays, possibly up to three weeks, in handling orders placed via the Online Shop.

I have followed John Browning's lead and set up a blog of the trip, which can be found here:

Provided that the new-fangled technology works I will keep it up to date. However it will be mostly text, and any photographs taken on the trip will come from a phone camera. The reason is that I am using an iPad to write the blog, and the simple device to connect the iPad to a digital camera has a six week delivery delay on it!

By the way, the August "Light Railways" is running to time. I have seen a pdf copy of what went to the printer. It is a very good issue, with great graphics, and a very lively and interesting letters section!



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