Re: Have you renewed your LRRSA subscription yet?

Frank Stamford

Hello Bill,

Don't know what went wrong, and cannot find out until I get back to Oz on 10 August.

However I have alerted the appropriate people, and you should be recorded as paid-up shortly.

The problem is we have renewals coming from several sources, and processing them is fairly complex, requiring different forms of human intervention depending on their source. So far we have been unable to find a suitable computer system at an acceptable cost to handle all the different possibilities.



--- In, Bill Bolton <> wrote:

On Wed, 28 Jul 2010 05:35:10 -0000, Frank wrote:

The August "Light Railways" is due to be packed later this
week, and posted by next Monday.

If you are one of members who has not yet renewed you will not be
in the mail-out.
As soon as I arrived back in the country, I renewed my LRRSA
membership on-line on July 4th and received an emailed Tax Invoice
(102851) confirming the payment, as well as the debit appearing on my
credit card statement dated July 7th.

Today, instead of the expected August copy of Light Railways, I
received a (circular) LRRSA letter in the post saying....

"Dear Valued Member...... but I note your membership has not
been renewed."

... so I am more than a little surprised, as well as very

What is going?



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