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H K Porter 6596 was BHP 16 and sold to Emu Sand & Gravel Co., Emu Plains, in 1962.  Presv. 1967 by NSWRTM.  Similarly, H K Porter 6415 of 1918, BHP 12, also went to Emu Plains.

Vulcan 2289 of 1912 was No.I at Emu Sand & Gravel, Emu Plains, having come there in 1924 from the same company's Prospect Quarry.  It had gone there in 1921 from the MSW&DB's Potts Hill Reservoir construction.  Presv. by NSWRTM.  Vulcan 2290, No.2 at Emu Plains, had an identical history, except it was latterly a wheel-less wreck and was scrapped.

The fifth loco at Emu Plains was ex NSWGR 2514, Beyer, Peacock 2086 of 1881, a 2-6-0oc.  Purchased in 1937 per Abraham & Wilson, machinery merchants, it was scrapped by 1965.

Richard Horne

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Evening everyone,


  Have a few more steamer questions that someone may be able to help with.


1) APC Fyansford #2 - Is she still at Puffing Billy, or has she gone to Bellarine Peninsula?


2) Porter 6596 of 1920 BHP Newcastle was sold to a gravel company at Penrith. Was this Emu Gravel. Was this Emu Gravel, the same as Vulcan Ironworks 2289 of 1914?


Any help appreciated.



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