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Metre gauge, of course, not 3'6".

See also AWM images 110681 110682 110684 113582 111835 (on passenger train) 111845 (steam loco in b'ground) 111855 121629 121636 121370 122633 (derailed, hanging vertically off side of bridge) 124960 124961 144962

These include set-piece side, front and rear views and many of jeeps hauling freight trains etc.

Easier, perhaps, to access these by looking at 'Picture Australia' and typing in 'railways jeep north borneo'.  There are only two 'pages' to look through.

Richard Horne

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Hello John and others

The negative numbers at the Australian War Memorial site are:

015477; 015478, 015479

The caption says that they were adapted by the American air force engineers and shows it with US forces people. The photo shows the jeep with a trailer all with the cast wheels which there is a detail shot of the wheel in one photo. The track looks 3'6".

Hope this helps.


John P


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Hi JohnP,

I've tried a number of combinations of search terms, and although I

can find images of the Borneo jeeps, I can't find anything from

Queensland. Can you suggest any search items, or better yet, supply

some image references?



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There are a few photos of a converted jeep used in Qld by the US army in the AWM collection. It has cast wheels ie ones specially made for it unlike the Borneo ones which used converted Japanese truck hubs. The Qld one was photoed earlier than the Borneo conversions so unclear if they were the inspiration or just parallel thinking.
There are lots of photos on the AWM website.
John P

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