Re: Mornington Peninsular railways

Michael J

Hi all,

The Mornington Peninsula at the beginning of European settlement in the Port Phillip District was covered with she-oak forests which were used to provide Melbourne (and the lime kilns) with firewood. Lime was of course a prime requirement for settlement as well, being an essential building material. Before railways the bay would have been busy with boats moving goods around, and firewood and lime would have been important commodities.

The firewood industry changed the ecology of the Mornington Peninsula, the eucalypt dominated woodlands seen today are regrowth replacing the she-oak forests that were cut down.

Also I think it fair to say that pretty well every public jetty of any reasonable length in Victoria had a tramway with hand-pushed trolley at some point.


Michael J

ps thanks to all who attended yesterdays Southern Forest Narrow Gauge Meet, and helped make it a great day.

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