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Stephen Percy Larcombe

The Saddle Line book refers to the Wensleybray open cut coal mine between Wensleydale and Bambra, and not the Benwerrin Mine.

The coal was origninally transported from the mine to the railway siding by a flying fox (or aerial bucket) system.



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Subject: [LRRSA] Re: Deans Marsh-Benwerrin Railway Locomotive

Sorry about that - it would help to know where it coame from wouldnt it.

The book is called "Sawdust & Steam" by Norm Houghton, 1975, reprint 1985.
Part 2, Ch 3 Deans Marsh - Benwerrin tramway, pg's 19, 20 & 21.

Another book by the same author "The Saddle Line" talks about the coal mine as well however it is accessed via a line built from Moriac to Wenslydale before going to the mine.
It has a picture of a Loco D2 590 dated 1939 on the turntable for the line.


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Hi Tony,

Out of curiosity, can you quote the book title and author from where the
quote comes?

A BELIEVED TO BE and a PROBABLY add up to a POSSIBLE MAYBE…. Hmm… all very


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A book I have states ......
"Motive power for the Deans Marsh - Benwerrin tramway was provided by two ex
vR loc's both BELIEVED to be the 2-4-0 WT N Class. The first loco was
obtained from the contractors who built the forrest line, for when Lewis &
Roberts finished with the loco they abandoned it and some trucks at Muroon
where they remained until the Great Western Colliery Co brought them. It was
invoved in two runawaysin 1902 & 1903 and blew up in Sept 1903. Two weeks
later the Colliery too delivery of another loco, PROBABLY an N class from VR
which remained until the colliery closed Dec 1903. VR reposessed the loco
and took it away March 1904.

There is no definite answere just a BELIEVED to be and a PROBABLY.

The book also has a photograph by VR titled " VR "N" class 2-4-0 WT
locomotive, of the type used on the Benwerin tramway."


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Thanks for the responses that I have received on this inquiry. I have
taken note of the reduced price book that looks of interest and have
purchased same. I have some further research to do to determine �which
engine’ was used on the line and believe that there may be some conjecture
on this matter as well. Hmmm, always something further to investigate, but
this is what makes research interesting.

Bruce Rankin

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