Re: "Light Railways" February 2010 issue

Henrik Dorbeck

YEHAAA- it has arrived in New Zealand in todays post. Thanks guys yet another sterling effort. Something to read in between trains.


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And regional Queensland will likely get it next week. It certainly
wasn't in today's (Thursday) Post Office Box mail (usually at least
one day quicker than a street address).

We simply enjoy it a little bit more, knowing what efforts are
required to get it here.

Best wishes, Lynn

Hello David,

No, a Wednesday arrival in Perth is a very good performance on
Australia Post's part. Although the magazine's were posted on
Saturday (at a small private post office which is open on Saturdays)
they don't get into the postal system until Monday morning. The first
copies to be delivered in Melbourne arrived on Tuesday, so for
members in Perth (which is 3000 km away) to receive them on Wednesday
is the best performance that could be hoped for, considering that
they do not go by airmail within Australia.



At 11:15 AM 18/02/2010, you wrote:

Perth must be in similar mail zones (or worse) to the Leonora etc. that
Frank quoted - mine arrived yesterday (Wednesday). But then we in the
West always feel isolated!!!!

David Whiteford

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