Re: Identity of Donor Barclay Loco?

Henrik Dorbeck


Silly thought but maybe one was sourced from elsewhere. I know NZR had several barclay loks from public works dept days. Maybe one was imported for a short life span solution. Is it worth a thought?


From: ianlarcher <>
Sent: Wed, 25 November, 2009 11:50:48 PM
Subject: [LRRSA] Identity of Donor Barclay Loco?

I have been increasingly interested in the railway/tramway systems and locomotives utilised by the Commonwealth Portland Cement Company, Portland NSW.

Reading through a copy of the ARHS Bulletin- January 1975 it is mentioned that a new boiler for Barclay No 5 was obtained in the early 70's.

The article would seem to imply that this was either a donor boiler from another locomotive, rather than being the repaired boiler ex No 5- or a new build. If it was a donor boiler, it left me wondering what AB loco may have been the donor, as I can't match any other Barclay locos in Australia of a similar boiler size that were still around this late in the piece.

I am aware that firms such as Clyde Engineering did construct replacement boilers for private locomotives in NSW and wonder if anyone can shed any light on this. I also ponder what lead the author of the article to conclude that a replacement boiler was procured rather than repairing the existing boiler. Is anybody aware that this was in fact the case or is it supposition? Certainly, the works themselves were more than capable of carrying out major boiler repairs.

Just wondering if it within the bounds of posibility that a replacement boiler was obtained from the UK from Barclays themselves.

Also seems strange to spend what must have been a considerable amount of money in its repair, and a replacement boiler, then not proceed and purchase ex NSWGR 2605 instead- all very intriguing to me.

Any thoughts?

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