Re: Revised Group Description and other updates.

Frank Stamford

Good morning Brad,

I would hold off doing any rewording yet.

At the moment I am working on another version, which takes a different approach. It was prompted by my thoughts on how to link the web site to the Yahoo group.

I will probably have something available this weekend, possibly today.



At 09:46 AM 18/08/2006, you wrote:
Morning Everyone,
Was just going through Frank's revised group
I would be unable to use that many characters on the front page of
the Yahoogroup however I am thinking we could do the following.

1) I will go through and reword what is there and fits more in line
with what Frank has outlined.

2) There is some way that files can be sent out all people who apply
for membership. I shall work this out and Frank's entire description
will be sent to them to read while waiting for one of us to give
them the nod.

You will notice from this morning that Frank's disclaimer appears
at the bottom of each group posting.

I'm also happy to report a number of people awaiting membership
approval to the group this morning. All well known in industrial
railway circles.

Best wishes

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