Aerial Ropeway - Flying Fox.

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I too have been a member of LRRSA for many years, however, only several days ago did I become aware of this group.

I believe a flying fox to be a cable suspended between two points only, with a load bearing device being suspended from a pulley that can be drawn to and fro.

An aerial ropeway is a continuous ropeway that is suspended from gantries and goes out on one cable and comes back on the other. Does this make sense?

In N.S.W. the only operating aerial ropeway still operating is at the Kandos Cement Works (or it was 12 months ago), there have been others of course, here in Broken Hill on Block 10 after the ground creep (not a person) caused a processing mill to almost fall over and had to be relocated. A ropeway was seen as the best option to move ore. There was another one of some distance used in the construction of the Warragamba Dam, but it was closed down probably 40 or so years ago. There were a few more in the vicinity of Kandos and used for the conveyance of limestone to a cement works at a place called Charbon, since closed.

I know this subject may be a bit out of order, however, these things were used in industry for a long time before the advent of the conveyer belt and road hauled dumpers. So I'll apologise in advance.

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