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Peter Evans <pevans@...>

I refer to colleague Rickard who measured a sleeper complete with dogspike holes beside the line (before it disappeared under McMansions and Starter Castles). I'm pretty sure that 3-ft 6-in gauge was the measurement obtained.

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Mr Evans

What evidence to you have that David Mitchell's firewood tram was 3ft
6in gauge?


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> Hi All,
> Perhaps this group might like to consider light railways with a gauge
> greater than 3-ft 6-in? Victorian lines that spring to mind are the
> McIvor firewood line (5-ft 3-in), the early horse trams of the Wombat
> Forest south of Bendigo (also 5-ft 3-in), and the David Mitchell
> firewood tram (3-ft 6-in and, later, standard gauge). In addition,
> there were heaps of very traditional "light railways" with a gauge of
> ft 6-in, especially in the Otway Forest and east of the Powelltown
> Cheers,
> PeterE.

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