Re: Richmond Vale Railway

Brad Peadon PR-SIG <alcogoodwin@...>

Sorry mate, suppose I should have said SMR formations.
No idea about that Denton Park railway, but I have wanted to go have a ferret for it.


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From: Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...>
Subject: Re: [LRRSA] Richmond Vale Railway
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Date: Monday, 29 June, 2009, 8:09 AM

Brad Peadon PR-SIG wrote:

I certainly could go on for hours about old railway formations :-)

Then to start the hours, would you kindly advise whether there are any

traces to be found of the Denton Park colliery line, which seems

incredibly little known but ran north from a junction about half way

between Farley and Rutherford Jct? I have never found anything but I

suspect I was looking in the wrong places.

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