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Minmi has a old brakevan in a park and non-air hopper in the school. Both on the main road through town.
Another brakevan exists in Morpeth.
Historic old footbridge at Weston is soon to be demolished.
Neath has its beautiful signalbox and little station still intact. Both are in good condition, but I tink the white ants may have set in.
Caledonia still has water tower and a brick signalbox.
Weston has a burnt out brick signalbox and water tower.
East Greta Junction is still a operational signalbox, the yard being fully semaphore. Always friendly and welcome to help with train running info.
Base of Kalingo box and some of the rails exist on the Pelton Fire trail, short way in and not to bad on a normal car.

If interested in current rail activities, Silverton and PN may well be running at the time of your visit. Silverton is planning three runs per day from today, for a while.

Thats all I can think of in a hurry.
Sure others could add more.
I certainly could go on for hours about old railway formations :-)


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I will be up at Bellbird in a couple of weeks time & was planning on visiting the Richmond Vale Railway. Can anyone advise me if there are other railway related sites that I should visit.



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