Re: Three locomotives to move from Puffing Billy Museum to Bellarine Peninsula


One of the great virtues of the PB museum with operational exhibits is that it is also a training facility. People are able to be trained and attain a recognized qualification as boiler attendants and engine drivers. The 3’6” gauge exhibits are a bit too big and cumbersome for this purpose. The 2ft gauge equipment on the other hand is a more convenient size for training purposes. Complimenting the locomotives is the stationary steam plant with its variety of appliances that give trainees a broader range of experience. As restoration of exhibits and ongoing maintenance is performed the trainees are more well rounded in the knowledge once qualified. Over the years many people have achieved steam qualifications whilst volunteering at the PB Museum and have gone on to become fireman and/or driver of Puffing Billy itself; I know, as I am one.

Whilst PB may be seen as just getting rid of the 3’6” gauge exhibits they don’t want, they are going to more appropriate homes that can make better use of them.

Unlike the magnificent VR S Class, all the items at the PB Museum were given a home at a time when they might otherwise have been scrapped.

The PB Museum is now evolving to suit changing times and its own needs.


Bill Hanks

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One thing of course is that when the PB museum was
established, there was precious little else around in
terms of preservation. Now there are many other
options, which is a good thing. We can be thankful
for the vision of the early PB pioneers, and if in
the future we see a more focused PB museum, and
former exhibits preserved in a more appropriate
environment, well, I think that is a good thing too.


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